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Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Ultralight Backpacking Tent

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The X-Mid 2P
Awarded one of the best backpacking tents by BackpackingLight and Section Hiker the patented X-Mid is developed from the first principles of geometry to achieve the most weight efficient design for a trekking pole shelter. The X-Mid is exceptionally capable, spacious, and stormworthy, while anything lighter is smaller, lower function, and/or using less durable materials.

The brainchild of Dan Durston, an experienced thru-hiker and established member of the ultralight community, the X-Mid 2P tent keeps everything you loved about our one-person tent, while providing additional room for a partner and more gear. With an innovative design that cuts down on setup time, it eliminates many of the pitfalls of single-trekking-pole pyramid tents, like a lack of headroom and overly complex multi-pole designs that are tedious to pitch. Thanks to the easy-access dual doors, simple four-stake setup, and ultralight materials weighing just under 36 ounces, the X-Mid 2P makes it easier than ever to enjoy all that mother nature has to offer.

Durston Gear X-Mid 2P ultralight Backpacking / Trekking Pole Tent exclusive to Kaviso two-person Dimensions and Size Details
Durston Gear X-Mid 2P ultralight Backpacking / Trekking Pole Tent exclusive to Kaviso two-person Dimensions and Size Details
Just like the original one-person tent, the X-Mid 2P achieves its impressive specs thanks to the innovative diagonal rectangular-based fly. This allows the poles and peaks to be moved inwards from the edges without interfering with doors and living space, thus eliminating vertical wind-catching walls and the need for peak guyouts. To help it stand up to brutal conditions, the tent is made of 20D polyester with a 3500mm sil/PEU coating. And because failures can happen during extended trips, it’s been tested under extreme lab conditions simulating a month and a half of continuous high winds and heavy rains.

Pitching the X-Mid 2P is similar to pitching a single-pole mid tent. Stake out the rectangle with just one 90-degree angle to guess for the third stake, then insert the two poles. There’s no guesswork with pole locations or pole lengths, because the fly naturally limits the length of the poles. Simply insert them into the grommets and extend until taut.

The peak uses 210d black nylon that forms a reinforcing cone to support the quarter-inch grommets for trekking pole tips. Vents above each door consist of overlapping panels of fabric that can be propped apart with a strut for convenience. The strut consists of a 4.5-inch piece of plastic sewn inside Grosgrain and then sewn to the upper edge of the lower panel of the vent. In tough conditions, the peak guylines can be deployed, along with extra stakes at the eight additional stake points around the perimeter. Additionally, the fly uses #5 zippers that won’t snag and are built to hold up season after season.

Durston Gear X-Mid 2 Stakes, Aluminum with stake stuff sack
The X-Mid is made in the epicenter of high-quality outdoor product manufacturing, home to factories that produce tents and apparel for the top brands in the world. The factory that produces the X-Mid also produces some of its top competitors from well-known companies such as MSR and Mountain Hardware, maintaining the highest level of materials sourcing, construction techniques, and testing with all of the tents it produces.
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